The Terroir

Imagine a vineyard plot, grown under a generous sun, surrounded by a warm scrubland, resplendent with thyme, rosemary, olive trees, almond trees and holm oaks, prolonged by a small wall of dry Mediterranean stones. Here we are again!

Planted around the property, our 36 hectares of vineyards are a multitude of parcels exuding their perfumes, their colours and their dreams, a true festival of the senses!

Sometimes planted on the plain of the Aude, sometimes perched on the slopes of La Clape, our vines propose a real collection of cuvées accessible to all. White, Rosé and Red, and on through to the fortified wine.

A multi-millennial terroir, sculpted by ages and nature. Under the generous light of the sun and the powerful embrace of the Tramontana, it readily absorbs the elements surrounding it… Essences of the garrigue, thyme, rosemary… Mediterranean sea-spray… the roughness of the clay-limestone soils… A symbol of elegance and diversity!


Château Ricardelle

Route de Gruissan
11 100 Narbonne, France
Tél. (+33)4 68 65 21 00

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