A past full of history… In this region of Languedoc, the history of the vineyard fuses with the ancient epics whispered in the Greek amphora dating from the 6th century BC… Ricardelle, a legendary name, a prestigious past, the coat of arms of a province. In 1342, the archives of Narbonne mention the existence of the Château Ricardelle. In 1696, the notarial act, signifying the acquisition of Château Ricardelle by the Duc de Fleury, a peer of France, described the vineyards on the estate’s property.

Membership of the ‘Coteaux du Languedoc La Clape’ wines within the family of Superior Quality Wines was formalized by decree in 1951. Next, in 1985 the La Clape wines were consecrated by the decree of 24 december granting them the supreme distinction of a controlled appellation. Lastly, but not least, on 9 June 2015, La Clape became a communal appellation in its own right. Bruno Pellegrini, owner of Château Ricardelle since 1990, is committed to restoring the reputation of these Clape wines to their impressive qualitative potential, and this with great success for Château Ricardelle..


Château Ricardelle

Route de Gruissan
11 100 Narbonne, France

Tél. (+33)4 68 65 21 00

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