The fortified wine of Château Ricardelle is made with Grenache noir and Languedoc brandy. On the palate, aromas of honey and caramel and great balance. To be drunk with chocolate desserts.

CARTAGÈNE – Fortified Wine

Appellation: Cartagene – Fortified Wine
Grape variety: Grenache noir 100 %
Culture: Sustainable agriculture since 2004 for the environment and complexity of wine.
Soil: Clay, limestone.
Winemaking: The must obtained by bleeding is transferred with grape brandy from Languedoc, up to 16% Vol. The primary aromas of the grapes and the natural sugar remain in the product.
Degree: 16%
Tasting: Dress with orange highlights. The nose develops aromas of honey, gingerbread and raisins. The sweet, syrupy palate is dominated by notes of candied oranges and nuts and offers a very fresh finish.

Château Ricardelle

Route de Gruissan
11 100 Narbonne, France
Tél. (+33)4 68 65 21 00

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